Group Update

A very long while without a post on this blog, so high time for an update. This blog is mainly written by me with occasional (very good!) guest posts by members of Will Gaze‘s group (see e.g. here). It features short posts on papers that have come out, as well as teaching and outreach activities, places we’ve been, people joining the lab or more general musings about microbiology or science. For information on who is working with myself or with Will, please see the European Centre for Environment and Human Health People gallery. For now I just wanted to introduce the students that are working with me at the moment:students

l to r: Michiel Vos, Amy McLeman, Lise Jensen, Michael Tadesse and Andy Dickinson

Amy McLeman has been working with me as a technician for a while, went off to another position but of course could not resist coming back. She is working on a BBSRC-funded seaweed antimicrobial metabolomics project with Dr. Ruth Airs at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and myself over the summer before starting a PhD position with Prof ffrench Constant. Lise Jensen is an MSc student visiting from the University of Copenhagen (Helsingor) supervised by Prof. Mathias Middelboe who was an academic visitor with us last summer. She is also interested in seaweeds, especially their potential to ward of fish pathogenic bacteria. Next, BSc. in Medical Sciences student Mickey Tadesse is spending his third year doing a lab project, also on seaweed antimicrobials. Finally, MSc by Research student Andy Dickinson is working on co-selection of antibiotic resistance in heavy metal-contaminated pond sediment in collaboration with Britt Koskella and Richard Jones. I hope to be able to persuade these guys to write guest blog posts on their projects soon!


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