Group Photo


Last lab meeting was concluded with a group photo of European Centre researchers based at Penryn Campus.

Back row (l-r): Research Fellow Dr. Lihong Zhang, Senior Lecturer Dr. Will Gaze, Project Student Ben McKenna (working on radon, UV and skin cancer and supervised by Allison Curnow) and lecturer Dr. Michiel Vos.

Front row (l-r): PhD student Aimee Murray (in-situ selection for antibiotic resistance in aquatic systems, co-funded by BBSRC and AstraZeneca), technician Daniela Farina (in charge of the day-to-day running of the lab), technician Amy Mcleman (working on experimental evolution of transformation, funded by NERC), Erasmus MSc student Anja Pecman (visiting from Slovenia, working on Bacillus isolated from sediment cores), BSc student Olivia Lee (co-supervised by Britt Koskella, also working on sediment cores) and technician Suzanne Kay (working on antibiotic resistance in bacteriophages from sewage, funded by a Wellcome Trust seed corn grant).

Not pictured: PhD student Anne Leonard (human exposure to pathogens in the environment, supervised by Will Gaze, funded by ESF), part-time PhD student Andy Fitzgerald (transmission of norovirus in aquatic systems, supervised by Will Gaze, co-funded by NERC and Aquatic Water Services) and senior lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology Allison Curnow.

Some people have already left the group: Pawel Sierocinski went on to a 5-year postdoc with Prof Angus Buckling (he is still involved in the project) and Erasmus MSc student Hugo de Vries and technician (maternity cover for Daniela) Andrew Balfour have also moved on.

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