Experimental Ecology and Evolution Workshop Beijing Normal University

I had the honour to be invited to a workshop organized by Quang-Guo Zhang at Beijing Normal University held a week ago. I know Quang-Guo from our time in Oxford and he has since started a position in his native China where he has started a variety of very clever projects. Also invited were community ecologists Lin Yiang (Georgia Tech) and Owen Petchey (Zurich University), Gabriel Yedid (Nanjing Agricultural University) who specializes in digital (macro)evolution and Mike Brockhurst (University of York) who is involved in a range of exciting projects marrying experimental evolution with whole-genome sequencing and the study of the human microbiome. Quangs’ students also gave talks, ranging from topics as diverse as experimental evolution of heat resistance in phage to fitness landscapes in E. coli and soil community structure and function. Besides from the very good presentations, the university had put together a sight-seeing programme which was quite amazing. Students took turns to guide us around a variety of monuments and, just as interestingly, restaurants. I hope to be able to make it back at some point!


Owen Petchey, Gabriel Yedid, Yi-Qi Hao, Xin-Feng Zhao, Mike Brockhurst & myself inside the Forbidden City.

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