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Living with Environmental Change II

The Living with Environmental Change module might be one of the broadest modules taught at the University and this particularly well-illustrated by the diversity of guest lecturers featured in this post. Sean Meaden is currently finishing his PhD with collaborator … Continue reading

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Is every bacterium everywhere?

I posted some excerpts from a paper in progress a while back (How many species of bacteria are there? and Bacteria vs. Animals). Here another post on the question “Is every bacterium everywhere?” (then I will stop and just link … Continue reading

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Bacteria vs. Animals

I mentioned a manuscript in a recent post written together with ECEHH colleague Will Stahl-Timmins on ‘The Secret Lives of Bacteria’. In this post, I wanted to highlight one of the figures from this paper highlighting the relationship between mass, … Continue reading

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How many species of bacteria are there?

I am currently working on a manuscript on the ‘Secret Lives of Bacteria’ together with my ECEHH colleague Will Stahl-Timmins. Will is a graphic designer and science communicator who does a lot of great work making potentially ‘dry’ science accessible … Continue reading

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