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Paper Out: The evolution of bacterial pathogens in the Anthropocene

A review paper I wrote just came out in Infection Genetics and Evolution. Inspired by my undergraduate teaching on environment and human health, and an interesting FEMS symposium last year, I chose to explore the relationship between environmental degradation and … Continue reading

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Paper Out: Prokaryote genome fluidity is dependent on effective population size

Last year, I had the pleasure to host (now Dr.) Nadia Andreani from the University of Padua in Italy for a six-month visit in 2015. She did lab work on blue, food-spoiling Pseudomonas but we also did a population genomics … Continue reading

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Paper out: Impact of Matric Potential and Pore Size Distribution on Growth Dynamics of Filamentous and Non-Filamentous Soil Bacteria

At the very last day of 2013, a paper came out that I was involved in when I was doing a postdoc at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology in Wageningen. First author is Alexandra Wolf, who developed an artificial soil … Continue reading

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