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Visit to the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Wageningen

Last week I visited past colleague and collaborator Paolina Garbeva at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology NIOO in Wageningen where I worked as a postdoc between 2009 and 2011. Paolina is an expert in the secondary metabolites (especially the volatile … Continue reading

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Paper out: Micro-scale determinants of bacterial diversity in soil

A review paper I wrote with former colleagues at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (Alexandra Wolf, Sarah Jennings and George Kowalchuk) has come out in FEMS Microbiology reviews: website (cough, cough). Scientists should be happy when the fruits of their … Continue reading

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The Scale of the Universe

One aspect that makes microbiology both exciting and at times difficult is that it studies things too small to see. Humans are not familiar with the scales relevant to microbes and therefore it is hard to imagine the ecological challenges … Continue reading

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paper out: A Comparison of rpoB and 16S rRNA as Markers in Pyrosequencing Studies of Bacterial Diversity

Wondering why it would took PLoS ONE so long to publish my new paper, I decided to google it and found it was actually out already! There is no proof reading stage so that might have something to do with … Continue reading

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Missing Links: Of Bacteria and Men

This site is sloooooowly catching on and was found by one of my ex-colleagues at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Robin Tecon, now postdoccing at the University of California, Davis. Robin has also caught the blogging virus and has recently … Continue reading

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Goodbye NIOO

Last Friday it was time for an ‘afscheidsborrel’ (farewell drinks) at my previous employer the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO) in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Mind you there is still a lot of work to be finished so there will be … Continue reading

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paper out: antibiotic production without significant costs

This blog aims to give colleagues, collaborators, students and anyone else who might be interested an overview of the research carried out in the coastal pathogens group.The most tangible output by scientists are their publications and every newly published paper … Continue reading

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Hi all, This is the start of a blog by the new ‘coastal pathogens group’ at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health in Cornwall, UK, headed by Will Gaze and Michiel Vos. (I will dedicate a later post … Continue reading

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