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Breaking (ahem): I have f i n a l l y joined twitter. Although some of my misgivings about this medium were rapidly confirmed, I hope it will be a useful tool to keep abreast of new findings and also … Continue reading

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Paper out: A barrier to homologous recombination between sympatric strains of the cooperative soil bacterium Myxococcus xanthus

Just out in the ISME journal, a paper on my favourite bacterium, Myxococcus xanthus. I did my PhD with Greg Velicer on this fascinating species which builds beautiful multicellular fruiting bodies that can be seen with the naked eye (click … Continue reading

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Pitch: a Guide to the Bacteria and Archaea

Background: inspired by a post by Jonathan Eisen on his blog ‘the tree of life’, I wrote a little post on ‘a Field Guide to the Bacteria’ last year. Both our posts were about the rather megalomaniacal (in a good … Continue reading

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