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How many species of bacteria are there?

I am currently working on a manuscript on the ‘Secret Lives of Bacteria’ together with my ECEHH colleague Will Stahl-Timmins. Will is a graphic designer and science communicator who does a lot of great work making potentially ‘dry’ science accessible … Continue reading

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Paper out: Micro-scale determinants of bacterial diversity in soil

A review paper I wrote with former colleagues at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (Alexandra Wolf, Sarah Jennings and George Kowalchuk) has come out in FEMS Microbiology reviews: website (cough, cough). Scientists should be happy when the fruits of their … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to the Bacteria?

I regularly check prolific blogger Jonathan Eisen’s website the Tree of Life, and lately have been thinking about his dream of producing a ‘field guide for microbes‘ (I limit myself to the bacteria). Like Jonathan, I make frequent use of … Continue reading

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The Google Maps of Evolutionary Biology: OneZoom

Whilst attending a NERC strategy meeting last week, I browsed the NERC website and saw a feature on a very cool NERC-funded project: OneZoom (paper) by James Rosindell. Both James and I did postdocs in Holland in the recent past … Continue reading

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An Ancient Armsrace: Bacteria and Bacteriophages in Sediment Cores – Part II

Yesterday the two students Ben and Claire came in to help Britt and myself to process the first sediment core (see below). Science can be enormously complicated and technologically advanced, but this afternoon it was more about getting mud out … Continue reading

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An Ancient Armsrace: Bacteria and Bacteriophages in Sediment Cores – Part I

My field work experience is limited to sticking tubes into the ground to collect soil samples, ususally from underneath shrubs next to my office or in some random field (while it rains). However, last Thursday field sampling was a whole … Continue reading

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