Global Climate Strike

I will take part today in the Global Climate Strike, specifically, the event held here on the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus. I teach two undergraduate modules ‘Living with Environmental Change’ and ‘Oceans and Human Health’. Both modules focus on the many ways humans degrade the natural environment, through pollution and climate change, and how in turn this affects human health, directly and indirectly. I have learned a lot teaching these modules, and the scale of the problems we face is truly frightening. The most frustrating part is that we have the solutions to turn the tide already, for instance, large-scale nature restoration will result in carbon capture, prevent against effects of extreme weather and preserve biodiversity. It is a matter of political and societal will that is the real problem. I hope this strike helps in raising awareness and precipitating radical change.


P.S. I highly recommend the site ‘Our World in Data‘ from which the above graph was taken.

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