SMBE 2019 Manchester

This week I attended the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution SMBE meeting held in Manchester. It was my first time at this meeting, and certainly will not be the last, as it had a very interesting programme and was well-organised. I caught up with collaborators Chris Quince, Angus Buckling and Adam Eyre-Walker as well as many old lab mates and new people. Manchester itself was a very pleasant surprise too. I presented a poster based on an EcoEvoRxiv preprint ‘Sexual Selection in Bacteria?’  written with Angus Buckling and Bram Kuijper also at the University of Exeter, see below. During the conference we heard it was accepted in Trends in Microbiology and I will post a link and a longer blog post as soon as it is officially published. I contributed to an entirely different poster as well: Vivak Soni is a PhD student with Adam Eyre-Walker at the University of Sussex who presented ‘A new approach for detecting balancing selection between populations using variation data’ (Viv actually  worked with human genomes but sequences are sequences!). This is a bit of a longer story to explain so I will do that later in the year.


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