Eden Project: Invisible Worlds Exhibition

This is a bit overdue as the opening took place in May, but I still wanted to highlight the current Eden Project exhibition Invisible Worlds. This is a major new permanent exhibition that reveals the world beyond our senses: too big, too small, too fast, too slow, too far away in space and time. It includes plenty of interesting exhibits involving bacteria set up in collaboration with University of Exeter microbiologists based in Penryn, including collaborator Ben Raymond as well as Sean Meaden, the latter who is involved in practical workshops explaining fermentation organised by FOAM. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the sculpture “Infinity Blue” which depicts a cyanobacterium. The artists of Studio Swine who made it actually visited our lab to do some filming (although I am not sure if much ended up in the accompanying (beautifully shot) film).  The Invisible You exhibiton on the human microbiome that Will Gaze and I contributed to is also still available to see. I thoroughly recommend visiting, especially now the “rainy season” will start!


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