Symposium Penryn 28-31 August 2018: Resolving Microbial Communities at Strain-level Resolution

I have the pleasure to announce a symposium/workshop to be held here at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus 28-31 August focusing on strain-level resolution metagenomics.

Metagenomics involves the high-throughput sequencing of random DNA fragments isolated from microbial communities, followed by assembly into longer fragments and assignment of gene functions and taxonomic identities. Novel computational developments are allowing us to increasingly resolve strain- and species level differences from metagenomic data. Rather than viewing communities as ‘bags of genes’, this approach enables us to gain deeper insights into the composition and functioning of microbial communities.The main focus of the workshop will be metagenome-assembled genomes(MAGs) which are operationally defined as metagenomic assemblies binned according to nucleotide composition and depth of coverage across multiple samples.

Training will be delivered by experts Chris Quince (at the University of Warwick and a research fellow at CLIMB, who are co-sponsoring the event) and Murat Eren and Tom Delmont at the University of Chicago. We will also have some presentations, including by Rachel Whitaker from the University of Urbana-Champaign and Jesse Shapiro who is at the University of Montreal. For more information, please have a look at the symposium website.

We strive to to stimulate participation by early-career researchers and to have an equal gender ratio. Please follow this link to register an expression of interestand to send an email expressing how this workshop could benefit your work and what your current position (e.g. PhD student, lecturer) is. At the start of June, you will be notified of the success of your application, and sent a link with payment details and accommodation options. For any specific questions please shoot me an email.

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