Group Update

High time for another Group Update, as I have a great bunch of (inter)national students working in the lab at the moment. Back left on the photo is Rafael Hernandez (USA), who is a second year Medical Student at Stony Brook University in New York. He has obtained funding for a two-month summer project and he is busy injecting environmental samples in Galleria wax moth larvae to detect pathogenic strains. (Scruffy person back right is yours truly). At the front from left to right: Nika Lo (Hong Kong) who is a CLES MSc student but working with us in the Medical School. In collaboration with Prof. Will Gaze, Prof. Tamara Galloway and Research Fellow Uli Klumper, Nika is testing for interactions of microplastic contamination and antibiotic contamination. Tiffany Morcom (Kernow, UK), an MSc by Research student who is looking at the relationship between seaweed colonization and bacterial antibiotic resistance (co-supervised by Will Gaze). Claudia Cappello (Italy) is an MSc student at the University of Padua who is visiting under the ERASMUS program to look at the effects of bacterial interactions on the production of antimicrobials. Daria Swigon (Poland) is a BSc student at the University of Gdansk who is also visiting under the ERASMUS program and will also look at antimicrobial production by interacting bacteria. All will endeavour to write a short blog post on their projects  in the near future.

Michiel Vos

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