Invisible You: the Human Microbiome Exhibition

In an earlier post, I described plans for an exhibition at the Eden project here in Cornwall that would combine art and the biology of the microbes that live on and in our body. Supported by the Welcome Trust, that exhibition has now become a reality. Located in the Core building (and included in the normal Eden Project ticket), it consists of a variety of art installations that are widely different, but that all focus on the importance of the invisible ‘bugs’ we carry around on our bodies. For example, Rebecca Harris’ ‘Symbiosis’is a textile map of the human body depicting microbes as embroidered knots and Rogan Brown creates bacteria out of layers of cut paper:IMG_7972

IMG_7968There is much more to discover, including music and poetry. The opening week has/had a number of demonstrations/workshops too. I will blog about two of these later. It has been a great experience for Will and myself to be involved in this project, and we urge everyone to go take a look at the Invisible You exhibition!

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