Society for General Microbiology Meeting 2015 Birmingham

Five of us from the ECEHH coastal pathogens research group based at the Penryn campus in Cornwall attended the Society of General Microbiology Annual Conference held this year in the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. This was a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends, to network, stay informed about the latest developments in our field of research (and broader topics of interest) and of course to showcase our own research.

Will Gaze gave an excellent presentation in the Antimicrobial Resistance session on the first morning of the conference on his work on class 1 integrons as markers of antibiotic resistance. On the second day of the conference, Mik Vos presented “Rates of lateral gene transfer in prokaryotes: high but why?” in the session on the Building Blocks of Microbial Evolution, which generated some interesting discussion in Q&A session following. The rest of the coastal pathogens group that attended the conference presented posters:

“Human recreational exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria in coastal bathing waters” by Anne Leonard, Lihong Zhang, Andrew Balfour, Ruth Garside & William Gaze

“No effect of transformation on the evolution of resistance to bacteriophages in the Acinetobacter baylyi model system” by Amy Mcleman, Pawel Sierocinski. Elze Hesse, Angus Buckling, Gabriel Perron, Nils Huelther Pal Jarle Johnsen & Michiel Vos

“Investigating co-selection for antibiotic resistance in the environment” by Aimee Murray, Lihong Zhang, Jason Snape & William Gaze

“Dissemination of CTX-M bearing coliforms in the UK aquatic environment” by Lihong Zhang, Andrew Balfour, Aimee Murray, Anne Leonard & William Gaze.

Upcoming conferences where we will be presenting our research:
3rd international symposium on the environmental dimension of antibiotic resistance (May 2015, Wernigerode, Germany)

Anne Leonard

see Aimee and Michiel working thwir magic below….

Aimee SGM Mick SGM

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