Introducing BSc student Abigail Colclough

Bachelors student Abigail (Abi) Colclough started her year long placement in the lab in July: high time for an introduction! She has written a first blog post here and will write more on her project on a blog she has just started (see below). MV

Mick is currently supervising me on an exciting project: ‘A wide-scale screen for antimicrobials in native seaweed’. The year-long project is sandwiched into my degree, giving me valuable experience before I graduate. Next year, I will go back to studying for my final year of BSc Medical Science at Exeter University. Medical Science tries to bridge the gap between the laboratory bench and the patient bedside by combining traditional bioscience subjects with modules provided by the medical school. During my year at the ECEHH, I will also be completing modules set by the university, which will involve writing a report about the project and reflecting on my professional development. The project itself is very exciting- seaweeds have been noted for their health benefits and are frequently eaten around the world (notably in Asia). Seaweed may have antimicrobial activities, by either killing, inhibiting growth or stopping bacterial communication. The plan is to extract these antimicrobial compounds and test them against pathogenic bacteria. We are discussing a number of research questions, such as whether resistance to antibiotics used in the clinic is correlated to resistance to seaweed antimicrobials. I will be collecting throughout the year, both with the Cornish Seaweed Company, as well as rock pooling at local beaches. Mick has also been diving and rock pooling for seaweed, further adding to the number of species collected so far. I am currently writing a light-hearted blog aptly named ‘A year on weed’ to keep track of my experiences throughout the year- but mostly just for fun! AC


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