BAGECO 2013 in Ljubljana

I am in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the moment, attending the BAGECO – BActerial Genetics and ECOlogy – meeting. Ljubljana is a small, pretty city and the weather is amazing at the moment. The conference is fun: just a single session but with some big name speakers. The venue is in the centre of town in a grand hotel and everything is really well organized (good food and plenty of coffee).IMG_3488 IMG_3546I have plugged the ODoSE webserver with some success, as a couple of people have already vowed to use it on their new datasets. This meeting was also a good opportunity to meet up with organizer Professor Ines Mandic-Mulec, who I will co-supervise an undergraduate student with in Cornwall (more about that project in a later post). First a week of holiday though!


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3 Responses to BAGECO 2013 in Ljubljana

  1. Robin Tecon says:

    Hi Michiel,
    Very nice pic, I wish I were there! I like BAGECO, with its not-crazy-big size (I was at BAGECO in Lyon in 2005). On a different line, I just downloaded your FEMS review about soil microbial diversity. Looking forward to reading it! (I’m moving back to soil microbiology, so this will be helpful!)

  2. Good to hear from you Robin, are you moving to a different project in a different place? I will write a post on the review paper as soon as the final version is online, cheers Michiel

    • Robin Tecon says:

      I quite enjoyed your review, Michiel! Nicely written and informative.
      I am moving to ETH Zurich! It’s a new project on the modeling of soil microbial diversity.

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