Moving into the ESI building

We have left our office in the TIC building and have moved into the new ESI building this week. Will and I share an office with ECEHH colleague Alison Curnow:


It is a very nice office indeed. One of the windows cannot be closed at the moment so it is quite cold which is uncomfortable but quite good for productivity I noticed.

The ESI building from the outside:


The foyer seen from the second floor:


The ‘clean’ lab on the second floor:


There is still quite some ‘snagging’ to do, from things as small as matching the two screws in a socket, to plumbing in the water-cooled -80C freezers. So it will be a little while until we can move our stuff from the Daphne Du Maurier building and get started. I hope to post some pictures of our lab move very soon!


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