Missing Link: Hidden Ecologies

A very cool site I stumbled upon a while back is Hidden Ecologies. This project is based in San Francisco’s Exploratorium and documents the ecology of SF’s South Bay from two very different perspectives. The first is from high above, using kite aerial photography. The second is from very close distance, using a field microscope with an attached digital camera. San Francisco bay used to be a vast marsh land but from the mid 19th century on has been transformed into a patchwork of salterns. Railroads, bridges and industry changed the landscape even further, although some of the man-made environments are now given back to nature. The site explores how man and microbe, wind, sea, rain, salt and steel have shaped this landscape through time through research in the field and in historical archives. Not updated a lot at the moment but well worth a look!


H5 H6 H7  H10HE3 HE2 HE1

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2 Responses to Missing Link: Hidden Ecologies

  1. Robin Tecon says:

    Hey, it’s just next door to me! Amazing pics.

  2. Hey Robin! Perhaps you can join them on one of their field trips?

    cheers, Michiel

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