Eel grass restoration

Had a really nice day out on Saturday, going on an excursion on the Helford river organized by environmental artist Katy Lodge. Eel grass (or sea grass) is the only vascular plant in the sea, and an important ecosystem, acting as a nursery for fish. Unfortunately, this ecosystem is under threat from (surprise, surprise) human activity. Katy has been experimenting with eel grass restoration methods and has developed a ‘seed bomb’ method where she collects seeds from shoots, presses them into mud, wraps them in sea lettuce (a kind of seaweed) and ties them together with washed up eel grass leaves to throw them back into the sea.

Eel grass restoration ammunition

throwing out seed bombs

Eel grass meadows are teeming with life (hoped to spot a pipefish but didn’t…)

All in all a great project connecting ecology with art; I hope to post more about Katy’s work in the future.


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