Environmental Justice Foundation

This post has nothing to do with our own specific research projects on coastal pathogens, but everything with the topic of environment and human health, the focus of our research institution. I wanted to highlight a charity close to my heart: the Environmental Justice Foundation, whose campaigns focus on the link between environmental degradation and human rights. From a coastal perspective, campaigns have focused on bycatch, habitat degradation caused by shrimp farming and on illegal fishing. The EJF made a short film highlighting illegal fisheries in West Africa (unfortunately I could witness this problem first hand on holiday in Cameroon a year ago). European and Asian fishing boats fish using illegal methods and go too close to shore (endangering the operations of artisanal fishermen), transfer their catch to bigger boats who rig the catch certificates, refuel, and repeat the process. A highly profitable business, as it is very hard to police these boats and fish fetches a high price in developed countries. Local communities are left with severly declined fish stocks. Find out what the EJF is doing about this problem in the video:


P.S. I see on the website that the BBC series ‘Toughest Place to be a Fisherman’, presented by Cornish fisherman Andy Giles has also highlighted the plight of fishermen in Sierra Leone (link).

P.S.P.S. you can join the EJF on facebook

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