Missing Links

I have added new links to three interesting microbiology blogs. rrresearch by Rosie Redfield is cool because she writes updates about all stages of her research on competence in Haemophilus (from ideas to grant writing, lab work and publishing papers). Although working from different angles, Pawel and I are also interested in why bacteria take up DNA from the environment. Rosie is perhaps more famous for her role in debunking the ‘arsenic life’ story (see here); she has reported on this case, from initial critique to actually repeating experiments and publishing them. Ideally I would like to blog as she does but  I am not sure if I can make that commitment…

jeff smith (no capital letters!) was a former colleague of mine in the lab of Greg Velicer in Tuebingen, Germany and is now a postdoc with Joan Strassmann and David Queller at Washington University in St Louis. Interesting insights into his own work on microbial cooperation and conflict and the scientific mores in general are to be found at his blog. Small things considered by Moselio Schaechter and Merry Youle consists mainly of really good and in depth commentaries on new microbiology papers.

Lastly, the ECEHH is, for the moment, part of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry at both the University of Exeter (paying our salary) and to Plymouth University (providing our email service).


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