New European Centre for Environment and Human Health website is up!

The new ECEHH website is now up and running and looking very flash. Perhaps this is a good time to explain our affiliation. The ECEHH aims to combine science with policy development, and works closely with local businesses to benefit the economy and community of Cornwall and beyond. Research at the centre is highly diverse and interdisciplinary, for instance, I am sharing an office with a chemist, an epidemiologist and two psychologists. We are part of the Peninsula College for Medicine and Dentistry, which is part of both the University of Exeter and Plymouth University (we will be going through a reorganisation soon and this might change though…). The centre is based in the Knowledge Spa building at the Royal Cornwall Hospital site in Truro and this is where we have our office space. Lab work is currently carried out in the main building of the University of Exeter Tremough Campus in Penryn, a half hour down the road, until our new building (lab + offices, very convenient!) on the same campus is finished. We are also working on lab space in the clinical microbiology lab of the Royal Cornwall Hospital but perhaps I should stop here for now!


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