Coastal Pathogen Team finally all in one place!

Last week, postdoc Pawel Sierocinski, yours truly as well as our better halves packed up all our belongings in Utrecht and headed respectively under and over the Channel to join Will and Lihong in Cornwall. As this was my fourth emigration (see bio) no big surprises, but still it is always ‘a right kerfuffle’. Our man with a van was stopped in Swindon because he was 1500 kilo over the max, resulting in the van being clamped, all cargo having to be repacked into two smaller vans called up from Oxford and the boys arriving at 11 at night instead of 2 in the afternoon. Surprisingly they were still in relatively good spirits; ‘if I don’t laugh I’ll cry’ one said. They were back in Oxford at 5:30 in the morning. Two days later, my wife and I bought a house, a nice addition to expecting a baby, getting married, emigrating and starting a new position I think!



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