Missing links: the Eisen brothers

As I haven’t actually moved to Cornwall yet (that’ll be the 10th of January), I’ll keep the blog going with posts not directly related to my own research. And since the blogroll on the right is pretty short it is time for some new missing links. I have been following UC Davis’ Jonathan Eisens blog the tree of life quite regularly for some time now. Jonathan works on the interface of microbial genomics and evolution which is of course very exciting. He is also passionate about publishing practices (he is academic editor ‘in chief’ of PLoS Biology) and science politics and shenanigans in general. More than 200 posts this year so he’s definitely on top of it, good reads! (also on ‘the twitters’, not convinced about that one just yet…) Via the tree of life I stumbled on Russell’s blog by his grad student Russell Neches, a very good-looking blog indeed. Today, I found out that Jonathan’s brother Michael Eisen (at Berkeley) also blogs: it is NOT junk. Mostly fruit flies but also some microbial work and again a lot on open access (he is a co-founder of PLoS) and on the links between science, culture and politics. Including a very interesting recent piece on the f***ed up process of peer review and how it could be done differently (his words not mine).


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