Aquatic Virus Workshop 6


This wordpress thing is so easy I am whipping out another post straight away. Pawel and I attended the bi/tri-annual Aquatic Virus Workshop about a month ago. This was the sixth installment, held at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research on the bleak quite lovely island of Texel in the North-West of the Netherlands (NIOZ). A total of 86 scientists attended, which is a great number for a meeting, as it is easy to mingle and chat with people (compared to, say, an American Society for Microbiology meeting with 13.000 people attending). However, as aquatic viruses are the most abundant biological entities on our planet, it is crazy that so few people are actually studying them. Work to do for the coastal pathogen group then, and Pawel and I had very productive conversations with a whole bunch of virus researchers. The meeting was hosted by NIOZ’s Corina Brussaard who did an extraordinary job, starting the day with anecdotes about the island (did you know Texel lamb meat is such high quality it is exported even to New Zealand?) and making sure sessions actually ended on time (which anyone who regularly attends biology meetings knows is apparently a hard thing to do). On top of that the hotel was great; Pawel made good use of the underwater-light-program in the jacuzzi he told me. Allright, the internet being such a fleeting medium (with our attention spans having been altering accordingly), I will leave it at this and talk more actual science in the next posts.

Michielproof we were actually there….

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